When someone offers wine in plastic wine glasses, most connoisseurs would run for the hills! Plastic glasses have always been associated with low-cost and low-quality, however these days many more are being designed with modern technologies and materials, transforming these low-cost options into great 'go-to' glasses for situations when broken glass is a no-no.

A set of Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses come in pretty handy for indoor or outdoor parties, exhibitions and events, wine tastings, picnics and festivals/concerts. Why not even grab a set to enjoy a day or evening at the beach.

Its pretty obvious that Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses have many advantages over traditional glasses because of the main weaknesses of glass – it cracks and breaks very easily which results in many complications, including expensive replacement costs, safety risks, and at the end of all the party someone has to clean it up which is a burden on your time.

                                     Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses uk          Plastic Stemless Wine Glass uk           Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses uk

Most modern Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses are actually composed of either a polycarbonate, which is almost unbreakable, or an acrylic, which has better transparancy than glass! These materials are strong, durable, light-weight and shatter-resistant. Some modern plastic wine vessels are actually of such high quality that it's nearly impossible to tell that it is not glass from just looking at them. The feel of some of the latest Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses is of such quality that you will be impressed to no end.

The Govino brand in particular, which we hope will be reaching the shores of the UK soon, is an exceptional example of Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses which in actually enhance a wine's colour and aromatics much like crystal! 

Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses are perfect for family-friendly casual dining, special events, and any outdoor function where safety is a concern, but compromising on style is not an option. Shaped for comfort, Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses in either unbreakable polycarbonates, durable acrylics or disposable recyclable plastics are a great way to enjoy your favorite vintage without worrying about breaking your favourite stemware.

The selection in the UK is quite limited at the moment but we have a few good product for you below  – happy partying!  


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