Stemless Wine Glasses are available in many brands and styles, so we have done all the work for you and sorted them below.

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Stemless Red Wine Glasses UK

"The wine urges me on, the bewitching wine, which sets even a wise man to singing and to laughing gently, and rouses him up to dance and brings forth words which were better unspoken" Homer 

The bordeaux or the burgundy, that is the question…

Stemless Red Wine Glass UK

Stemless White Wine Glasses UK

"To take wine into our mouths is to savour a droplet of the river of human history" Clifton Fadiman

With less need to aerate whites, the bowls are generally narrower…

Stemless White Wine Glasses UK


Stemless Champagne Flutes UK

Remember gentlemen, it's not just France we are fighting for, it's Champagne! Winston Churchil

Champagne has always been synonomous with elegance, and these glasses really show that off…

Stemless Champagne Flutes UK


Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses UK

"Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence" Robert Fripp

There is nothing more uplifting than sipping your favourite wine from crystal…

crystal stemless wine glasses UK


Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses UK

"People who live in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses" unknown

Perfect for picnics, the beach and festivals…

Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses UK