Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses are designed with the same craftsmanship and elegance as their stemmed cousins. They are becoming an ever-increasing popular choice for wine lovers who want to be able to enjoy using crystal in many different situations, not just at home. After all, why should crystal only be used in very specific celebrations when life itself should be a celebration every day!

The flat bases of Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses mean less chance of these glasses getting knocked over, thereby saving you a whack of money in replacement costs not-to-mention avoiding wine wastage. Because most people tend to take good care of their crystal glassware sets, protecting them becomes a big concern and this is why more are choosing to add a stemless set to their collection. They are easier to store and easier to wash, which has generally been a major concern for wine lovers in the past.


crystal stemless glasses uk

The technical stuff:

Crystal wine glasses are created from glass containing lead oxide. It is added to increase the density of the glass and when this happens, the glass becomes more shinier, reflective, and often flashes a brilliant array of colours. The lead oxide in the glass also reduces its viscosity (thickness or internal friction) which aids in easier movement of the liquid. Crystal glasses are generally heavier than glass because of this lead content.

Stemless Crystal Wine Glasses are generally deemed as being of the highest quality and are mostly reserved for special occasions, but bringing them out for any dinner party or special event will definitely create a long-lasting image of elegance and sophistication. What better than to feel that level of quality and elegance whenever and wherever you want! 

It is an absolute treat to be able to hold a crystal glass in the palm of your hand, and knowing that your next sip will be better than the last. Below you will find a variety of Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses available in the UK to suit every pocket and taste. We are quite positive that you will find something you fancy.


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