Stemless White Wine Glasses have become very fashionable in the home, at many restaurants and various special events alike! We all love a good white wine and enjoy how it gives us that lovely euphoric feeling, but knowing how to get the best from your whites revolves largely around the shape and action of your glass. The general design of a white wine glass bowl is more U-shaped and upright, allowing the aromas to be released, while also maintaining a cooler temperature. For white wine, you may also want two or three types of Stemless White Wine Glasses catering for for younger, crisp whites and for more mature, fuller whites.

Stemless Chardonnay Wine Glasses generally have a wider bowl and are slightly tapered at the top. The reason for this is to enable you to easily swirl and sip your wine. Here is an example of this design.

stemless chardonnay wine glasses
Stemless Riesling Wine Glasses are narrower and taller than Chardonnay glasses, and are made so that the fruity aromas are directed to the upper section of the glass. Here is an example of this design.
stemless riesling wine glasses
Stemless Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses are generally tall and slim, and slightly tapered at the top. This design offers the freshness and aromas of the wine on the nose. In many cases Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc glasses are quite similar in shape. Here is an example of this design.
stemless sauvignon blanc wine glasses

Stemless White Wine Glasses are perfect for use at your trendy, upscale restaurant, hotel, winery, or lounge. Their stemless design minimizes the risk of breakage, while maintaining a sleek, streamlined appearance, complete with narrow rim and slender bowl for preserving carbonation in your most celebrated sparkling wines. The practical design of the stemless base also provides the glass to fit naturally in the hand to allow for easier swirling and sipping.

We've picked out some of the best on offer for you below and arranged them into categories and according to price, to make it easy to find your ideal set fast. Enjoy!

Riedel selection:

2 glasses

8 glasses

Govino selection:

set of 4

set of 8

set of 16

set of 24

set of 32

Other stemless white wine glasses:

2 glasses

4 glasses

12 glasses

4 glasses


4 glasses

2 glasses


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