"Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved!"

Welcome to the site that gives you more opportunities to get on with what you love doing most of all – enjoying your favorite wines!


Whether its delectable whites, glorious reds or celebratory bubbles, we all love the feeling we get when enjoying our favorite wines with the people we love. With so many bouquets available to us, cultivated in a multitude of local and international climates and environments, we certainly have our hands full in terms of choosing the right wines these days. Another important component which helps us 'dive' right into our lovely wine is the type of glasses we enjoy our wine from, and as much as it should not be a difficult decision, it can certainly enhance the experience many times over! 

When trying to buy glasses online, we start discovering the enormous diversity of wine glass designs and realize that wine glasses are fashioned specifically according to each bouquet. The reason for this is that the shape of the glass provides subtle enhancements to the flavor and nose of the respective wine. 

Stemless Wine Glasses have been developed as a complement to the traditional wine glass, and these vessels have startedstemless wine glasses to make big waves in the marketplace, giving us more opportunities to enjoy wine in situations we would have rather settled for a cringeworthy plastic cup or coffee mug. The last thing we want while pleasuring our tastebuds is the disappointment of ruining the moment! 

This site is dedicated to Stemless Wine Glasses, as simple as that!

All the new rage in viticulture and home dining, Stemless Wine Glasses are flexible enough to suit any occasion, they look great and are also very comfortable in the hand. These glasses are generally very durable, all are reusable and some are now even recyclable – Good for you and GREAT for the environment!


There are some situations when stemmed glasses are just not a good idea. Whether you would like to enjoy your wine on your camping trip, at the beach, rocking a festival, enjoying a romantic picnic or hosting a special event, Stemless Wine Glasses are the path to saving time, hassle and money. These glasses basically look like your regular red and white glasses, minus the stems and are built to be  much more stable. This results in less spillages, fewer breakages and saves you time and energy by avoiding cleanups! Amongst fellow wine lovers, you could even pass the increasingly popular Stemless Wine Glass off as being the latest thing in viticulture. Many restaurants are even stocking stemless glasses these days to use as elegant and practical bar and table glasses.

Whatever your opinion of stemless wine glasses, you cannot deny both the chicness and functionality they have been conscientiously designed with in the modern age. Stemless Wine Glasses are so popular these days that, much like their stemmed cousins, they are also being designed in a multitude of varietal-specific shapes to suit every bouquet of wine.


govino stemless wine glassesThe benefits of Stemless Wine Glasses are plain to see, but if you still need some convincing;

  • They fit perfectly into the dishwasher and most are dishwasher safe  
  • They are more difficult to knock over which means less replacement costs and  less glass-related injuries
  • Because of their size, they tend to be easier to store, taking up far less space
  • They can be taken anywhere quite conveniently and safely
  • They suit any function, large or small, both indoor and especially outdoor
  • They are reusable and many are now recyclable
  • They are very cool and really project that 'hip' image

On top of all of that, stemless wine glasses are extremely versatile and have multiple uses – not everyone drinks wine, so these glasses can be used for any drink whatsoever, and will most certainly add an elegance to whichever contents your guests choose! Some have even been known to use stemless glasses as brilliant dessert dishes too, and most recently we even caught a friend growing herbs in one! We prefer them for their intended use, but hey. 

When it comes to special events, stemless glasses also make for excellent cheap wedding favors and are always commented on when used as the actual wedding glasses. A full set also goes down a treat as a wedding gift so you can share the love for wine with the people you care for the most. These are truly very unique wine glasses and make fantastic gifts for wine lovers the world over. 

Stemless Wine Glasses and Stemless Champagne Flutes are certainly a brilliant addition to anyone's glassware collection and with this site we hope to provide a little more education on the subject, as well as links to some of the best collections around at the moment. 

We are sure you will find something to suit your tastes as well as your pocket, so go ahead and choose your country below and please do enjoy the site. Happy imbibing! 


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