Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses What's that you say? PLASTIC glasses? Most people would associate plastic with low-cost and low-quality, however these days many are realizing that with modern technologies and cutting-edge materials, these low-cost variations of the traditional wine glasses are no longer low-quality at all! Proof that technologies have come a long way is evident in the big range of Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses which have popped up everywhere. 

More and more people are opting to have a set of Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses handy for those occasions when glass is just not practical, such as indoor or outdoor parties, exhibitions and events, wine tastings, picnics, beach days or festivals.

Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses have a number of advantages over standard glasses because of the main weakness of glass – Glass cracks and breaks very easily which leads to many other complications, including expensive replacement costs, safety risks, and with broken glass needing to be cleaned up by someone, a burden on your time.

                                                  Govino Stemless Wine Glasses USA                                   Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses USA

The clear 'plastic' we are referring to is actually composed of either a polycarbonate which is almost unbreakable, or an acrylic with has better transparency than glass! Strong, durable, light-weight and shatter-resistant, modern plastic wine vessels can be of such high quality that it's nearly impossible to tell that it is not glass from appearance alone! The feel of some of the latest Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses is of such quality that you will be impressed to no end.

Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses and plastic champagne flutes are perfect for family-friendly casual dining, special events, and any outdoor function where safety is a concern, but compromising on style is not an option. Shaped for comfort, Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses in either unbreakable polycarbonates, durable acrylics or disposable recyclable plastics are a great way to enjoy your favorite vintage without the worry or danger of breakage.

We are confident you will like our recommended selection below  – happy drinking!  

Govino selection:

set of 4

set of 8

set of 16

set of 24

set of 32

4 flutes


Govino beer glasses


Govino beer, set of 8


Govino beer, set of 12



Lolita Selection:

set of 2

set of 2

set of 2

set of 2

set of 2

Other plastic stemless wine glasses:

8 unbreakable glasses

4 Cruvina 13oz

4 glasses 8oz

4 glasses 13oz


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