'Shaken, not stirred'

Made famous by the James Bond series of films, the martini glass is synonymous with class and sophistication. These fabulous glasses are designed in a typical V shape, which is all about making sure the contents remains well-blended. On top of this unique fact, the shape is also useful in enhancing the flavors and aromas of the cocktail in question.

Everyone is very much accustomed to the martini or cocktail glass with a long, thin stem which seems to add to the element of style when seen enjoying your favorite cocktail. However, a new trend has been growing amongst bars, restaurants and families alike – Stemless Martini Glasses!

Just like the stemless wine glass market has become a very successful niche, stemless martini glasses have become increasingly popular all over the world for a few key reasons;

1. Fewer accidents – flat bases without the dainty stems tend to help keep that glass on the table and in tact

2. Less storage space required – this one is self-explanatory

3. Easier to wash – unlike stemmed cocktail glasses, they fit perfectly into any dishwasher without worry

4. They are cool and a little bit different

5. They are versatile and can be used not just for drinks, but desserts and even as a fabulous candle-holder

If you keep your eyes open you will notice that many restaurants, bars and diners are now stocking a collection of stemless martini glasses to help attract a more upmarket and chic clientelle. As a bonus, these establishments are finding that using stemless glasses is saving them a whack of cash each year by avoiding replacement costs from silly accidents. A clever choice indeed!

So how do you make the perfect Martini? 

2oz (60 ml) vodka
1/8oz (5 ml) Dry Vermouth
1 green olive
a twist of lemon peel
In a cocktail shaker, chuck in the Vodka and Dry Vermouth
Add ice to the shaker
Shake well
Strain and pour into a frosted stemless martini glass
Drop the olive into the drink
Finish by sticking a twist of lemon peel onto the rim of the glass
Hey presto there you go! Very simple and not only can you make this beautiful drink with vodka, but you can use just about any white spirit including sake! The only way to find out if its good is to give it a go.

With this page, we have scoured the web to find you some excellent deals on stemless martini glasses and we're quite sure you will find a lovely set which suits your budget and sense of taste as well. Happy drinking!