Contrary to popular belief, making money online is far easier than you think. 

Whether or not you have been searching the net to find opportunities, the challenge always comes in the form of trying to avoid dishonesty.  With the Internet being such a monstrous place, it has inevitably become another breeding ground for scams and other criminal activity, so trying to filter opportunities becomes a task most of us ultimately give up on.

This is a real shame, so we thought we would create this page with links and reviews to various online money-makers which WE have tried personally and still use constantly. Just remember there is no get-rich schemes which work online and it is best to develop a strategy which involves creating perpetual income or small revenue streams.



Affiliate Marketing is probably the best way to create an online revenue stream and it is very easy to do. Affiliate marketing is simply the process of promoting another company's products and services and earning a commission for yourself. This is a work-from-home opportunity you can take advantage of in your spare time which has no limits and represents the future for people who want to escape the rat-race without risking much.

There are literally thousands of courses and programs being offered out there, and so much contradictory information, but the one program we can sincerely recommend is Niche Blitzkrieg. We have subscribed to it, completed the course, and now use it to great effect. NBK is a not only a comprehensive educational program which is easy for even the most basic Internet user to understand, but once completing the online course (which takes no more than a week or two in your spare time), you will be fully armed to tackle your first affiliate marketing challenge. Following this exciting course to the T will have you earning commissions in no time.

Even if you only try their 7-day trial, you will get a good feeling for how easy it actually is.

Click here to find out more about Niche Blitzkrieg. 

niche blitzkrieg

Web Hosting

For a brilliant total web hosting solution we use Hostgator. Their prices are excellent and service even better. You can either pay monthly or annually – up to you! 

You are definitely going to need this for your exciting Niche Blitzkrieg project. Simply click the link and bookmark for later!


Become a vendor and sell digital products easily with Clickbank.

Create digital products, join Clickbank, set up a product, activate the product and PROFIT


Domain Names

To find the perfect domain name we use 123-reg. They offer any domain extension you want, are fast and very well-priced, and have great back-up service. 

Another service you will need for Niche Blitzkrieg so it would be a good idea to click and bookmark.


Website/application testing is a quick and easy way to make money online. Pretty much anyone can do it and it generally doesn't require a high level of Internet expertise. Once you have completed your profile settings you will be emailed as soon as a test becomes available and each test normally takes no more than 10-15 minutes. 

At roughly $10 per test, its easy money!

A site we use alot is